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DMSO Cream


DMSO is an acronym for dimethyl sulfoxide. DMSO cream is one form of dimethyl sulfoxide. DMSO is a colorless, non-toxic, water soluble liquid derived from wood pulp. It is also a solvent that can dissolve both organic and inorganic materials. The penetrating ability of DMSO is far above comparable substances. The small molecular structure allows it to penetrate the skin and quickly traverse the body and makes it a good vehicle for delivering drugs like morphine or penicillin through the skin as in the form of a morphine patch. Because of it’s very nature of penetrating the skin so quickly it is always advisable to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before applying to the body and insure the area for application is clean as well.

DMSO is available in many forms including creams, gels, liquids, roll-ons, sprays, scented and non-scented and different concentrations. The DMSO cream said to be the most tolerated with less skin irritation would start with DMSO in a 99.95 base and mixed to a ratio of 70% dimethyl sulfoxide to 30% distilled water. DMSO cream is also available unscented, rose scented, mint scented, etc.

DMSO cream may be useful in healing minor burns, cuts and scrapes and also alleviating the chronic pain associated with inflammatory diseases like arthritis, bursitis and is in fact approved by the FDA for treating interstitial cystitis which is a type of chronic bladder infection that causes bladder inflammation.

DMSO cream is all natural but can result in some minor side effects like temporary skin irritation, itching or burning at the application site and a slight warming of the skin. When taken internally it may cause upset stomach and headache and possible sensitivity to light. The most common side effect that can result from the topical application of DMSO cream would be a temporary strong taste of garlic in the mouth and the person’s skin may smell like garlic for a short time. This side effect is more bothersome then uncomfortable.


Even though DMSO is widely administered and prescribed in other countries and approved in over 100 countries it is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. People with diabetes, asthma and some heart and liver conditions are cautioned to check with their doctor first before use. DMSO cream can increase the effects of some medications like heart medications, blood thinners, sedatives and steroids so extra caution should be used and your doctor should be advised before DMSO use in any form.