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Don't wait! There's no need to suffer any longer with poor health. No need to feel you are living a limited life. Join the tens of thousands of others from all over the world who have put their old lives behind them and moved on to a newer, healthier existence.

The products offered by Optimum Health Services do not promise to treat or cure any disease. We do believe however that your experience with our products will be a positive one.

We do advise you to first seek the advice of a licensed medical professional, however you should consider all of your options not just the potentially costly prescription medications offered by large pharmaceutical companies.

We offer a full 120% price guarantee to first-time buyers, for 90 days if dissatisfied for any reason. We send a complete list of instructions with every order.
Live Better ... Breathe Better - Oxygenate your body today and live a better life tomorrow.

Stabilized Liquid Oxygen - O2xygen Force

Stabilized Liquid Oxygen in 3 Sizes - 8, 4 and 1 Ounce.

Please Note: Orders placed from 8/22/2015 through 8/30/2015 will be shipped on 8/31/2015.

What is O2xygen Force ?

O2xygen Force (stabilized liquid oxygen or SLO) is a safe supplement containing stabilized oxygen molecules in a liquid solution of salt and distilled water. It is very alkaline. O2xygen Force has the highest pH of any stabilized liquid oxygen product available today. The higher the pH the higher the oxygen content.

A stabilized liquid oxygen product that has a pH of 8 will have ten times the oxygen content as a SLO with a pH of 7. An SLO with a pH of 9 will have 100 times the oxygen content of a SLO with a pH of 7. An SLO with a pH 10 will have 1000 times the oxygen content as a SLO of pH 7. pH is measured exponentially. O2xygen Force has a pH of 13.7.

O2xygen Force has a shelf life of 10 years.
*Note: O2xygen Force has a flat cap with a drop spout.

Thank you so much for all the products that you have helped me with.  It is a saving grace, and truly a blessing from god.  Is is the real deal.

DMSO Cream - DMSO Cream with Aloe - DMSO Roll On

DMSO Cream - Regular, w/Aloe and Roll On

Please Note: Orders placed from 8/22/2015 through 8/30/2015 will be shipped on 8/31/2015.

What is DMSO?

DMSO is dimethyl sulfoxide. It is an all natural substance derived from wood pulp. DMSO has the unique ability to penetrate skin barriers and traverse the body quickly. This is due to its small molecular structure and it's amazing characteristic as a solvent. DMSO also contains oxygen.

Rose scented DMSO cream. 4 fl. oz. container
With normal usage this product should last 3-4 months. All Natural.
99.9% Pure DMSO...70% Cream Base......30%

Rose scented DMSO cream with aloe. 4 fl. oz. container
With normal usage this product should last 3-4 months. All Natural.
99.9% Pure DMSO...70% Aloe Vera... 30%

DMSO Gel roll-on with Aloe Vera and fresh mint scent
With normal usage this product should last 2-3 months. All Natural.
99.9% Pure DMSO...70% Aloe Vera...30%

*Note: Do not use DMSO while pregnant.

DMSO Cream with Aloe Savings Bundle & Travel Set

Savings Bundle $89.90

Our best selling products, bundled together for overall better health. Savings of $5!
Bundle includes: Our best selling 8 ounce O2xygen Force Stabilized Liquid Oxygen and 4 ounce DMSO Rose Scented Cream.
Please Note: Orders placed from 8/22/2015 through 8/30/2015 will be shipped on 8/31/2015.
From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you! I thank you for your time and research and thank God for this new miracle in my life

Travel Set $28.95

Perfect sizes for your purse or overnight bag. Can carried in a coat pocket for convenience. Dropper cap included.

With normal usage the 1 ounce O2xygen Force should last 2-3 weeks and the 2 ounce DMSO Cream should last 4-8 weeks or longer.

Please Note: Orders placed from 8/22/2015 through 8/30/2015 will be shipped on 8/31/2015.

Thanks for your wonderful products - they are lifesavers for us.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

We are not permitted to make any health claims for our products due to FDA restrictions. But we are so confident in our products that we offer a full 120 day product price guarantee if dissatisfied for any reason. We have been in business for over 13 years and we have complete confidence in our products.

We are confident that our products will work for you. Simply try our products for at least 30 days. If you do not notice a distinct difference in your overall health, return your Products to us within 120 days for a complete refund, less shipping fees.

There are some fair and reasonable conditions that apply to this offer.

Our guarantee is offered for all of our products sold on our website. Please note we cannot refund multiples, if you are a first time customer, we suggest that you order only 1 of each product to begin.

You are responsible for all shipping charges incurred. Your refund will be for the original product purchase price only.

When returning products please ship to our distribution center at:
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I just wanted to say thank you - I am so grateful.  God bless you for what you are doing in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have emailed you several times with no response. Why?
IMPORTANT: If you want to receive replies to questions, support, etc. you must allow our email. If you have a spam blocker it may block our responses and you will end up being frustrated because you will think we have not responded. We ALWAYS respond to an email.

Why is the toll-free number only for orders?
Our answering service is only qualified to take orders. Our customer support service is highly qualified to answers questions or resolve issues. Customer support answers all questions in the order they are received and in a timely fashion.

What is Auto Reship?
Our new auto ship program allows US customers (only) to have your product(s) automatically charged, shipped (for a $5 flat fee) and delivered to you in a specified amount of days (30, 60, 90) after your initial order on a recurring basis. Existing auto-ship customers can manage subscriptions using links included in the receipt email.

I just received my product and the seal is broken, is this OK?
The tamper resistant label must have loosened during shipping. Our products are only handled by the manufacturer and our 2 employees. Our products are safe to use even if the seal is loose.

I have been using your product with success. However, I have a question about my pH levels. My diet is now mostly alkaline (maybe 65%-35%). My saliva pH regularly tests at 7-7.5%. However, my urine is often in the 6-6.5 range. Should my urine pH be higher if I am doing the right things?
Both your urine pH and saliva pH are alkaline. It is normal that urine pH be lower than saliva pH. More acid waste is removed from the body through urine than through saliva. But both figures are excellent. And since pH is measured exponentially your saliva pH contains ten times the oxygen content of urine pH. But, as I said, both figures are excellent. Continue to monitor your urine and saliva pH. I would suspect 95% of the people in the U.S are acidic. That is the reason disease is so rampart. Congratulations. You couldn't be more healthy.

What is the shelf life of your products?
O2xygen Force has a shelf life of 10 years and all our DMSO products will be good up to 3.5 years.

Should I refrigerate the O2xygen Force or DMSO?
No. Room temperature is the best environment for both products.

My DMSO cream leaked when I received it. Is it still good to use?
Yes. DMSO has the ability to expand or contract due to temperature changes. This does not affect it’s efficacy.

Do you offer a Military Discount?
In support of our troops, we offer a 20% discount to any APO/FPO shipping address. Orders must be placed by phone.
Please call (800) 768-1156 7 days a week 24 hours a day

Do you ship to the United Kingdom?
Yes. We ship daily to the UK and have shipped to almost every country in the world. There are however a small handful of countries in which we will not ship to, due to past experiences with fraud. If your country does not appear in the list of shipping destinations shown within the shopping cart, please contact us to verify that your country is eligible.

I sent you an e-mail yesterday but have not received a response yet?
Our "Customer Support team" is here to fully support you, and wants to see you succeed. However, due to time constraints and high e-mail traffic we have a 2-4 day turn-around for responses. Please be patient. We answer all questions in the order they are received. Before you contact us, please read all supplied materials and refer to these FAQS.

Who is Optimum Health Services?
We do business under the name Optimum Health Services to protect your privacy. Your credit card statement will reflect charges from Optimum Health Services.

I chose overnight shipping but I did not receive my package the next day?
We do not offer overnight shipping. We offer Express shipping which can take 1-2 days for delivery depending on the destination. You should also take into consideration that it takes 24-48 hours to process an order. Express shipping also requires a signature. If you do not want signature required please state this in the comments box upon ordering.

I live in the U.K. and placed an order through your website but did not receive a tracking number?
Unfortunately, the USPS does not offer tracking or tracking numbers for flat rate envelope packages anywhere outside the U.S.

How do you package your products for shipment?
Due to the nature of our program your privacy is of the utmost priority. All orders are shipped in plain packaging and the return address is from Optimum Health Services. We never share your information with anyone at anytime.

I don’t feel secure ordering online. What other ways do you offer to order your products?
You may call our answering service via our toll-free number (800) 768-1156 24/7.

Thank you for your product and your excellent customer service.

Shipping FAQ’s

We ship only USPS Priority mail outside the country and to all APO addresses.
We cannot track packages outside the country.

We do our utmost to insure your package will be received in a timely fashion but once the package leaves our hands it is out of our control. Sometimes customs can hold a package for a month. Sometimes you get your package in days. Please know the risk of ordering out of the country that there is the possibility of long delays or non receipt. We do not chase packages or make calls to the Postal Service. Although an Internationally shipped package is given a tracking number the package cannot be tracked. It will only state when it was shipped and when it is delivered. Again this is not our fault but the procedures of the USPS.

If we have had an issue with your address we will not ship to that address again. You must supply a new shipping address and pay the additional postage if applicable.

I live in Belgium and a friend recommended these products to me - I have suffered since I was a small child and now, finally, I have a product that soothes and speeds recovery. I have highly recommended your products.

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