Travel Size O2xygen Force

Perfect size for your purse or overnight bag.
1 oz. O2xygen Force

$ 14.45

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Stabilized liquid Oxygen

Perfect sizes for your purse or overnight bag. The small 1 ounce bottle could even be carried in a coat pocket for convenience. Dropper cap included.

With normal usage the 1 ounce O2xygen Force should last 2-3 weeks


“I tried the product with great hopes, I did have two set backs last year but linked them to over stressing situations. I have now since learned how to manage everything and just hit my one year outbreak free mark. I am planning to keep going strong.”

"Thanks much for what you all have done. Truly remarkable."


"This product is truly amazing."

"I’ve been taking your products since January 2009. Thank you again for saving lives."

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