Oxygen Force Stabilized Liquid Oxygen o2 NaClO2

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O2xygen Force

4 oz. O2xygen Force

Stabilized Liquid Oxygen drops, dietary supplement - 4fl. oz. bottle. With normal usage this product should last approx. 10 weeks. All Natural.

NaCL 02 Sodium Chlorite
4fl. oz.

$ 40.45

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*Note: O2xygen Force has a flat cap with a drop spout.

O2xygen Force

O2xygen Force has a shelf life of 10 years.

What is O2xygen Force ?
O2xygen Force (stabilized liquid oxygen or SLO) is a safe supplement containing stabilized oxygen molecules in a liquid solution of salt and distilled water. It is very alkaline. O2xygen Force has the highest pH of any stabilized liquid oxygen product available today. The higher the pH the higher the oxygen content.

A stabilized liquid oxygen product that has a pH of 8 will have ten times the oxygen content as a SLO with a pH of 7. An SLO with a pH of 9 will have 100 times the oxygen content of a SLO with a pH of 7. An SLO with a pH 10 will have 1000 times the oxygen content as a SLO of pH 7. PH is measured exponentially. O2xygen Force has a pH of 13.7.

Stabilized Liquid Oxygen

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“These products are high quality and have amazing results. The O2xygen Force gives me energy and an overall healthier feeling. The DMSO cream has a soothing and immediate effect as well. - JG”

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