The Optimum Health Services Affiliates Program

The Optimum Health Services Affiliates Program is an exciting and beneficial opportunity to participate.

By becoming a¬†Optimum Health Services Affiliate, you can help introduce your web site visitors to our products. By signing up and applying to become an affiliate, you’ll become part of our network of web sites all over the world.

When you apply:

  • We’ll review your web site to determine the appropriateness of your content and your likely visitor traffic for membership in our Affiliates network.
  • Upon approval, we’ll provide you with the link and the code to be added to your site that will track referrals from among your site visitors to our site. That code will follow those visitors through the process of reviewing our site and the purchase of products.
  • The data for all referrals and purchases will be recorded in your account, your referral fee (5%) calculated and paid when your account balance reaches the minimum requirements ($100) for check issuance.
  • Our Affiliates Agreement is posted online and we ask that you read and accept its terms as part of your application process.

Please take a moment today and fill out our application to become a Optimum Health Services Affiliate.

Sign-up for our Affiliate Program

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