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Don't wait! There's no need to suffer any longer with poor health. No need to feel you are living a limited life. Join the tens of thousands of others from all over the world who have put their old lives behind them and moved on to a newer, healthier existence.

The products offered by Optimum Health Services do not promise to treat or cure any disease. We do believe however that your experience with our products will be a positive one.

We do advise you to first seek the advice of a licensed medical professional, however you should consider all of your options not just the potentially costly prescription medications offered by large pharmaceutical companies.

Real Customer Testimonials

"O2xygen Force and DMSO cream works great."

“The DMSO Cream with Aloe is quick acting and easy to apply. I have had no negative skin reactions to the areas that I have applied the cream. -ES”

"Thank you all for such wonderful and very productive products."

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Savings Bundle O2xygen Force O2xygen Force Oxygen Force DMSO Cream
Savings Bundle
8 oz. Stabilized Liquid Oxygen
& DMSO Cream
O2xygen Force 8 oz
Stabilized Liquid Oxygen
dietary supplement.
O2xygen Force 4 oz
Stabilized Liquid Oxygen
dietary supplement.
DMSO Cream
Rose scented cream preferred by most of our customers.
DMSO Cream with Aloe DMSO Roll On Travel Set Oxygen Force Travel
DMSO Cream w/ Aloe
Rose scented cream with the added benefit of ALOE VERA.
DMSO Roll On
Gel roll-on with Aloe Vera and fresh mint scent.
.Travel Set
1 oz. O2xygen Force &
2 oz. DMSO Cream
Travel O2xygen Force
1 oz. size, great for travel.


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Auto reship $5 Flat RateWhat is Automatic Reship and How Does it Work?

What is Auto Reship? When you place an order, and ask to have your product(s) automatically charged, shipped and delivered to you in a specified amount of days after your initial order, recurring.

For example: 1 O2xygen force can be added to auto reship, scheduled to be charged, shipped and delivered to you every 80 days, 100 days, 120 days or more. Shipping is only $5 for ALL USA Auto Reship Orders.. Saving you money!

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.